What are the Best Places to Travel in Mexico in 2021?

Seemingly endless Sunshine, matchless scenic view, sandy beaches, and rich cultural heritage make Mexico the favorite among travelers. UNESCO has deemed its ancient Maya and Aztec sites and colonial cities as World Heritage Sites. It’s quite natural that people will want to know the best places to travel in Mexico in 2021 after a prolonged lockdown.

The best tourist places to visit in Mexico further represent the country’s eclectic culture. The ideas of the native people have been fused with the colonial influences of Spain. Its music, its food, and dance – everything seems to be a celebration of inclusiveness. Besides, it is rich in flora and fauna as it stretches over various climate zones. From lush tropical rain forests to deserts, this country never ceases to enchant travelers.

The Best Places to Travel in Mexico in 2021 are Diverse

As discussed before, it is almost impossible to make a brief list of the best places to travel in Mexico 2021. However, the shortlist of ancient and historical sites below will help a traveler plan the best Mexican travel itinerary.

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera:

One of the best places to vacation is Mexico beach in Cancun. It lies along the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline with Playa Del Carmen and the island of Cozumel. These sites are known as the Mayan Riviera collectively. Despite being crowded, this place will drift you away thanks to the wide beaches and a pristine water stretch. Activities and features which attract guests here in great number are:

  1. Dolphin and Stingray swim.
  2. Snorkeling among reefs and tropical fish
  3. Scuba diving in the world’s largest museum
  4. Spectacular submerged sculptures
  5. Mayan ruins

Why is Tulum one of the Best Places to Travel in Mexico in 2021: 

Tulum will be the best place to vacation in Mexico if one is interested in ancient civilization. It is situated on the top of a 12-meter high cliff, which is overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is the only fortified Mayan town by the coast. Along with the structures and ruins, it also attracts visitors to the presence of Tulum National Park.

Chichen Itza, One of the Best Restored Archaeological Sites in Mexico: 

The political and religious capital of a revived Mayan empire under Toltec rule by the 11th century. It is also deemed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This place attracts travelers in large groups because of the magnificent Mayan ruins and the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.

The Historic Center of Mexico:  

For anyone curious about history, world-class museums and art galleries are the best places to travel in Mexico in 2021. Talking about the historic city center, it is a 15 square kilometer UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than fourteen hundred colonial buildings from the 16th to 19th centuries.

You will also find most of the places of attractions in the city here. Constitution Square, the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Templo Mayor with Aztec relics. 

The best places to travel in Mexico in 2021 also include:

  • The Copper Canyon.
  • The coastal city of Puerto Vallarta.
  • The island of Cozumel and many others.

This country is well-equipped with accommodations and other amenities in the places of interest. Besides, it has an advanced transportation system for the comfort of the tourists.